Saturday, September 23, 2017

Good start to the day!

My office is upstairs. This morning when I opened the shutters before starting work; a tree passed by! An Olive tree was being transported on the back of a truck. The kind of start to the day I love. I wonder what will happen next.


A Lady's Life said...

Hi! Anji!

Good to hear from you.:)
No I havent been
Google keeps playing with the way to put up stuff and I got tired of asking people the new ways I think I know now again how to do that but
you know it doesn't always work.I love my Picassa but they played with that as well and now the pics have to go through google and I don't much like that. They try to take everything over.

Hurray!! Gonna be a gramma!!
Such a nice thing to be.
I have one grand daughter in Australia.She just turned 8.
I think they will be coming back to Canada so I can't wait!
I have been keeping busy oil painting and playing with my dogs.
They like to play ball. The Havanese is such pure joy
She is a talker and such a Mother. My husband and I love her to no end.
I am glad to hear your business is going well.
I keep wanting to do something but really don't know what.
Maybe once I have enough paintings I might make a book .
Thanks for emailing! Is so nice to hear from you.
Have a great Day!!

Anji Knutsen said...

A Lady's Life: Thank you for your reply. it's good to know that all is well.